Charles for iOS is probably one of my favorite apps. Professionally, I’ve always relied on the desktop version. Now, being able to analyze requests from other apps without major hassle in iOS itself is fantastic.

I went for the smaller iPad Pro and it just feels very good when holding it. The screen is gorgeous. I think the only way I’d go back to the larger version is if Apple announces Xcode for it.

Apparently lightning hit one of AT&T’s facilities, caught fire, and that’s why the whole DFW area is without internet and other home services. Happy Monday, everyone.

This is a legit email from Amazon of a third-party seller abusing their system to promote their products and passing themselves as Amazon. Why does Amazon not have simple text detection to avoid this kind of abuse?

Side note: activating cellular capabilities in my Series 4 was extremely confusing thanks to AT&T and the weird portal it uses in the Watch app. Then, for some reason, my account was flagged for review. Fortunately, the support rep on the phone was kind and able to help.

Series 4 veredict: the best Apple Watch ever, no surprise. Didn’t notice a difference going from 42 to 44 mm. The screen is gorgeous for such a small device. And crazy fast compared to my old Series 2.

XS Max veredict: I missed having a big phone and didn’t realize how much. What’s next is waiting for all apps to be updated to support the bigger screen.

360iDev was amazing. Huge thanks to John and Nicole. And thanks to everyone who came to hear me talk about It was a pleasure to meet you all.

After my AA flight left the gate, its computer started misbehaving and they grounded us for an extra hour. I imagine it went something like this:

IT: Hello. IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

AA: We haven’t. One second.

<1 hour later>

AA: Ok, that worked. Thanks.

Earlier today I was lucky enough to acquire my ticket to next year’s D23 Expo. The sorcerer package; it’s now sold out.

Whoops. Finger slipped and bought one of the new Nvidia cards. For my PC.

But it would be nice if these cards were officially supported eGPUs on the Mac.

Just finished watching the “super duper cut” of Deadpool 2 and the best thing is it actually has a post-credits scene!

I bought one of those original GameBoy Advance consoles that are being modded and sold on eBay… it’s even better than expected. Fantastic backlight with the most ergonomic form of the portable. Now I can comfortably replay some classics like FF Tactics Advance!

I bought a Thunderbolt 3 dock for my 2016 MBP and an ultrawidescreen monitor. The difference to my old monitor is night and day. I do have the weird issue that if I plug the dock to either of the back-most USB-C ports there’s flickering, while everything works in the other two 🤔