Disappointed that Aeromexico seemed to be blocking VPNs in their Mexico City Premier Lounge’s Wi-Fi network.

Hopefully they’ll reconsider this policy if they care about their users’ security.

During my visit, at least, I was able to bypass the block using scramble on my Mac.

My car has been declared a total loss thanks to a stupid driver speeding past a red light. I bought the car less than a month ago. This is why we can’t have nice things.

A woman ran a red light and crashed into my car. She admitted all fault, but doesn’t have insurance. Monday will be fun because I get to interact with the insurance company. Fortunately, I am fine now except for a hurt arm and hand — but nothing broken.

So this picture for the March 27 event pretty much guarantees a new Apple Pen, right? But I’d also like to see the rumored edge-to-edge screen on new iPads… 🤤

The Laughter

True story: I heard a woman laugh somewhere in my apartment while watching TV. I was alone, or so I thought. After a brief WTF moment, I concluded that it could only have been the Echo. I spoke: “Alexa, laugh.” I then hear the exact same laughter coming from the faraway Echo Dot. And that’s how I learned that Amazon actually programmed Alexa to laugh on command, resulting in the rare chance of trolling people as a bonus.

I caved and got a HomePod. Short review: awesome audio, Siri hears me anywhere I am in my apartment, and does what I need it to do when asked. Great product for my needs, but stay away if you don’t have Apple Music.

HomePod still available for Feb 9 delivery.

Lack of demand, good initial supply, Apple is doomed, or all of the above?

Today, my naked iPhone X dropped off my desk to the hardwood floor. It’s… like new! I guess that’s one point in favor of it’s durability and luck of not dropping from any higher. Actually, it’s just the luck.

Happy New Year! I am late in saying this because as soon as the celebrations were over, we put Black Mirror on Netflix and, where did the first hours of 2018 disappear to?

Merry Christmas! I am so happy that I got to spend the holidays with my family. Besides their usual gifts, I decided it was only fair to give them paper wallets with $20 each of cryptocurrencies because that’s so 2017. Who will have more gains (or smaller losses) next Christmas?

Got the new Echo Spot from Amazon. Impressive little device. But after I tried asking it to play music videos, it started playing The Social Network. I am now 15 minutes into the movie, watching it on a circular screen not designed for feature-length movies.

I shaved my head and beard; I have been wearing a hat in the cold weather. Face ID still recognized me every single time. Magic!

I didn’t think that Episode VIII was bad, but the fact that it’s getting so many mixed reviews amongst its fan base is something.