A woman ran a red light and crashed into my car. She admitted all fault, but doesn’t have insurance. Monday will be fun because I get to interact with the insurance company. Fortunately, I am fine now except for a hurt arm and hand — but nothing broken.

So this picture for the March 27 event pretty much guarantees a new Apple Pen, right? But I’d also like to see the rumored edge-to-edge screen on new iPads… 🤤

The Laughter

True story: I heard a woman laugh somewhere in my apartment while watching TV. I was alone, or so I thought. After a brief WTF moment, I concluded that it could only have been the Echo. I spoke: “Alexa, laugh.” I then hear the exact same laughter coming from the faraway Echo Dot. And that’s how I learned that Amazon actually programmed Alexa to laugh on command, resulting in the rare chance of trolling people as a bonus.

I caved and got a HomePod. Short review: awesome audio, Siri hears me anywhere I am in my apartment, and does what I need it to do when asked. Great product for my needs, but stay away if you don’t have Apple Music.

HomePod still available for Feb 9 delivery.

Lack of demand, good initial supply, Apple is doomed, or all of the above?

Today, my naked iPhone X dropped off my desk to the hardwood floor. It’s… like new! I guess that’s one point in favor of it’s durability and luck of not dropping from any higher. Actually, it’s just the luck.

Happy New Year! I am late in saying this because as soon as the celebrations were over, we put Black Mirror on Netflix and, where did the first hours of 2018 disappear to?

Merry Christmas! I am so happy that I got to spend the holidays with my family. Besides their usual gifts, I decided it was only fair to give them paper wallets with $20 each of cryptocurrencies because that’s so 2017. Who will have more gains (or smaller losses) next Christmas?

Got the new Echo Spot from Amazon. Impressive little device. But after I tried asking it to play music videos, it started playing The Social Network. I am now 15 minutes into the movie, watching it on a circular screen not designed for feature-length movies.

I shaved my head and beard; I have been wearing a hat in the cold weather. Face ID still recognized me every single time. Magic!

I didn’t think that Episode VIII was bad, but the fact that it’s getting so many mixed reviews amongst its fan base is something.

I can only imagine my puzzled look when I try to unlock my iPad by swiping up and expected some Face ID magic to happen.

Ok, so Justice League is much better than the Batman v Superman film. I was pleasantly surprised it did not suck.

Here I was trying to swipe an app up to manually close it in the iPhone X, but it turns out you have to hold and tap the “x” that appears.

Back from vacation, so that means I’m sorting through all the work I missed. But I have my shiny new iPhone X!