Just finished watching the “super duper cut” of Deadpool 2 and the best thing is it actually has a post-credits scene!

I bought one of those original GameBoy Advance consoles that are being modded and sold on eBay… it’s even better than expected. Fantastic backlight with the most ergonomic form of the portable. Now I can comfortably replay some classics like FF Tactics Advance!

I bought a Thunderbolt 3 dock for my 2016 MBP and an ultrawidescreen monitor. The difference to my old monitor is night and day. I do have the weird issue that if I plug the dock to either of the back-most USB-C ports there’s flickering, while everything works in the other two 🤔

I’ve recently gone retro game crazy and the current ones I’m playing include Parasite Eve (had never played it) and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (re-playing it). Also, I’m playing them in their consoles, not emulation, for that extra nostalgia.

I really enjoyed the Majora’s Mask speed run that was broadcast on Games Done Quick. Right now they’re raising funds to benefit Doctors Without Borders. I was happy to contribute some money.

I think WWDC ‘19 will be in even bigger demand (if that’s possible) only because Apple has pre-announced UIKit apps for macOS.

So… what are the odds that Apple next week announces a decrease in the percentage they keep from each sale in the App Store? I’d certainly be surprised if they did that.

I’d love to see iOS 12 improve on DND mode by adding manual controls to select which apps can bypass it, as well as a collection of new APIs that would allow developers to fine-tune their apps’ interactions with it (imagine favorite contacts for your messaging app of choice).

Disappointed that Aeromexico seemed to be blocking VPNs in their Mexico City Premier Lounge’s Wi-Fi network.

Hopefully they’ll reconsider this policy if they care about their users’ security.

During my visit, at least, I was able to bypass the block using scramble on my Mac.

My car has been declared a total loss thanks to a stupid driver speeding past a red light. I bought the car less than a month ago. This is why we can’t have nice things.

A woman ran a red light and crashed into my car. She admitted all fault, but doesn’t have insurance. Monday will be fun because I get to interact with the insurance company. Fortunately, I am fine now except for a hurt arm and hand — but nothing broken.

So this picture for the March 27 event pretty much guarantees a new Apple Pen, right? But I’d also like to see the rumored edge-to-edge screen on new iPads… 🤤

The Laughter

True story: I heard a woman laugh somewhere in my apartment while watching TV. I was alone, or so I thought. After a brief WTF moment, I concluded that it could only have been the Echo. I spoke: “Alexa, laugh.” I then hear the exact same laughter coming from the faraway Echo Dot. And that’s how I learned that Amazon actually programmed Alexa to laugh on command, resulting in the rare chance of trolling people as a bonus.

I caved and got a HomePod. Short review: awesome audio, Siri hears me anywhere I am in my apartment, and does what I need it to do when asked. Great product for my needs, but stay away if you don’t have Apple Music.

HomePod still available for Feb 9 delivery.

Lack of demand, good initial supply, Apple is doomed, or all of the above?