• People all over the world are now discovering that Face ID is magic, after all. And here I am… still waiting for 3D Touch on an iPad. 🧐

  • I am Kreethos.

  • I hated the Privacy app. Never worked for me and it had non-existent customer support.

    On the other hand, Final’s card app rocks.

  • I’m even more excited to play Super Mario Odyssey this weekend now that the embargo has lifted and it has nothing but stellar reviews.

  • The Title Bug

    Story time! Back when I was leading the iOS efforts for various streaming apps, I got this ticket from QA about the titles being wrong but only on one series. It was 100% reproducible, even.

    The name of the series? Mr. Robot.

    If you’ve seen the titles for the episodes, you’ll understand why I literally LOL’d. I had already seen the show, but I watched an episode with the person who reported the bug afterwards just to show him how cool the series was — after setting the story straight with the “bug”, of course.

    I am remembering this because I’m now watching season 3.

  • In light of recent news, I am now running a VPN 24/7. I’ll let you decide whether I’m paranoid or not.

  • Star Wars tickets acquired for the Drafthouse!

  • Home bar spotted in my 7 Plus.

  • I just finished installing a Nest Thermostat E and it’s doing its thing now. Let’s see how well it actually works over the next few weeks.

  • I’m not sure that I like how the folks behind Cujo called me after dinner time because they know my device has been offline for a while.

  • Getting some early work done with a really swell new cup from a pit stop in Orlando.

  • OH: “The JIRAs… it sounds like a bad sitcom.”

  • I was 16 when the last episode of a Star Trek TV series aired. It’s been a long wait, but we have a Trek series again!

  • Separating apps and games in the App Store is one of the best things Apple has done, and I’m happy about it both as a developer and a user.

  • No iPhone for me today, but I got the 4K Apple TV. First test film: Warcraft. Pure eye candy. So worth the upgrade if you have a 4K TV.

  • Large earthquake in central Mexico. My family is fine, but many are not. Buildings and structures down. Sad day today.

  • Current status: Dug up old PC tower to turn into a media server. I’m thinking a to-be-determined Linux distro Plex to get things started.

  • To my friends in Mexico: Happy Independence Day.

  • I really like how Apple has added new videos for developers instead of waiting until next the next WWDC or the rare Apple tech talk.

  • I’ve decided to get up at 2 AM on Friday to pre-order… an Apple TV 4K.

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