• It all makes sense now. The last few Game of Thrones episodes were setting up for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack.

  • Grandchildren find old Xbox One in attic. Get necessary adapters for holo TV. A message finally greets them.

    “It’s time to update.”

  • Today I learned those two speakers in my apartment are indeed used for fire alarms and emergencies. I found that out when they decided to go off for the entire floor. I shall not worry about sleeping through an actual fire when one speaker is in my bedroom.

  • Odd thing to remember today. As a kid I once used software on our Macintosh Performa that allowed using it as a phone. As soon as the dialing sounds started, my father panicked thinking I had somehow gained access to the internet. I was asked to never use the Mac phone again…

  • Now that I have tried various VR games, Robo Recall is indeed the best one. Makes you feel like a sci fi action hero from the movies.

  • I got an Oculus Rift thanks to its new lower price. Awesome experience and better than the PSVR if you have the hardware to run it. The motion controllers are the best. Hopefully we get many cool VR things on the Mac side with the upcoming High Sierra.

  • I honestly feel bad for whoever at Apple put the HomePod firmware up for public access. Mistakes do happen.

    In other news, I feel happy that we’re possibly getting a 4K Apple TV soon, besides the expected iPhone/Apple Watch refreshes.

  • Amazon’s customer service is incredible.

  • I am more organized than ever thanks to the Things and Bear apps.

  • Insert joke about going through airport security and someone touching my junk.

  • There’s no question about it that I’m cursed when it comes American Airlines. Like my flight to San Jose, this plane to San Diego needs to have some “minor” maintenance – and before that we were already 30 minutes delayed because the crew wasn’t here.

  • Today I felt like listening to the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack while working ☺️

  • I don’t always drink mead. But when I do, it’s because it’s Game of Thrones day.

  • Achievement unlocked: Walk around the new apartment without tripping on any boxes.

    (I am almost done with the unpacking!)

  • There was a problem on my iPhone after attempting (and failing) to use Robokiller. A very helpful rep at T-Mobile sorted everything out.

  • Current status: reclined on the couch with a bag of ice in my back. Computer in lap. Phone at hand.

  • I think I hurt my back on this, the very last day, of moving.

  • My body cannot handle any more moving today. Almost made it today, but estimate I am at 90 percent moved in.

  • Cavalry is here! My move-in progress jumped to 75%!

  • I am now about 40% moved in. Tomorrow I bring in some help to finish. I’m tired. 😴

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